If you want to learn a little about the amazing people at Colorado Creative then look no further!

  • Jessica Bingham "Jess"

    Jessica Bingham is the CEO and graphic designer of Colorado Creative. She is a Colorado native and earned her bachelors in graphic design from Colorado State Univeristy-Pueblo in 2008 and has been a freelance graphic designer for 15 years. She is a busy mom of three amazingly crazy kiddos and married to a wonderful guy, Paul Bingham Jr.

    She enjoys reading, hiking, camping, hockey, photography and of course ART!

  • Paul Bingham " Paul Sr."

    Paul is the man behind the embroidery machine. He retired from owning his own concrete business of more than 20 years and decided to help his daughter in-law with her dream of owning her own small business.

    Paul has lived in Colorado for more than 60 years and enjoys camping, spending time with his wife, watching the grandchildren play hockey and lacrosse.

  • Luca "Luca Boy"

    Emotional support puppy dog and all around good guy. He helps around the shop by offering kisses and feet warming. He also lulls everyone to sleep with his wonderful snoring.

  • Lucky "Lucky Girl"

    As Luca's daughter she does nothing but pester him 24/7. The only thing she contributes to the team is joining Luca in the snoring and sleeping under the desk.

  • Lily "Lilith"

    Lily is the seasoned veteran of the office dog clan. She knows to stay out of the way and always be available for belly rubs. She is the true MVP.