Isiah Trujillo's Hockey Tuition Fundraiser

Welcome to our online store! We are excited to offer a selection of limited edition Colorado hockey items, with all proceeds going directly to support Isiah's tuition at Atlantic Hockey Academy. Your purchase not only brings you a fantastic product but also helps a dedicated young athlete achieve his dreams.

Why Support Isiah?

Isiah is a passionate and talented hockey player with dreams of honing his skills at the prestigious Atlantic Hockey Academy. However, the cost of tuition is a significant barrier. By purchasing items from this page, you are contributing to Isiah's journey, ensuring he gets the education and training he needs to excel in hockey and beyond.

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Would You Rather Donate?

If you would rather donate a specific amount instead of purchasing swag, just click the link to go to the donation page. You can choose from the pre-selected amounts or put in your own donation amount. Any amount helps and we appreciate your support!